Our Spiro and FENO Mobile Facility Units

This mobile facility has been designed to offer solutions to reducing the risk of developing respiratory disease by offering locally testing with accurate diagnosis of respiratory diseases.

It will support you with high quality, consistent and integrated care for those living with respiratory diseases provided in a community setting wherever possible.

The specifications are built to your needs though here is a sample specification and reflects the existing units used in NHS locations.

5.5 metre Medical Trailer
This comes with:


  • 2 x individual pedestrian doors with 3 point locking to near side
  • A window in upper half of each door
  • A set of non-slip aluminium steps with adjustable feet and stainless steel handrail to each door
  • Lightweight external canopy (gas strut assisted) with your logo board to leading edge


  • Full width solid partition walls to create 2 individual rooms c/w sliding hatch
  • Wall unit cupboards in each room mounted to partition wall
  • Wide desk for consultation in each room
  • 3 chairs in each room
  • 1 x sink with a micro switch on the tap so water is automatic
  • 1 x wall mirror in each room
  •  2 x A3 clip frames in each room
  • 1 x Toilet
  • 1 x storage area for personal belongings

Medical Diagnostics

  • Your choice of respiratory technology
  • Comsumables
  • PC and large wall mounted monitors in each room


  • Room heaters
  • Hot water supply
  • UPS (uninterruptable power supply)
  • Mobile communications including 4 and 5G

Problems our clients were facing

Are there any we have missed? Please get in touch to add what else should be added to the list.

Reduced testing capacity due to increase in infection control measures and room disinfection times

Improving efficiency, the mobile hubs are fitted with powerful filtration systems that allow them to complete the recommended six room air changes in just six minutes. They include hot and cold running water for improved cleanliness.

Room limitations within existing health facilities

Each mobile hub has two concurrently used, fully equipped rooms with separate entrances to improve infection control and workflow.

Increased risk for vulnerable patients visiting health locations

Mobile hubs are moved to community locations by Dunmar specialist logistics teams. Reducing patient travel and increased risk of infections. With power connections, they are perfect for locations such as supermarket car parks, general practice surgeries, hospital grounds or sports centres.

Large backlog of patients coupled with new pandemic patients

Whether used as an addition to hospital based services or as the service itself, the mobile hub increases capacity and throughput in a safe and convenient manner.

Remote testing performed on standalone devices with no backup

Mobile hubs have 4 and 5g connectivity allowing for remote data transfer to the main hospital database and patient information system, reducing risk of data loss.

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