We provide an efficient service to assist Spirometry testing services in a safe, practical and convenient way, with the NEW Spiro and FENO Mobile Hubs.

Dunmar Health was created to solve a growing problem in the provision of respiratory services. We have a longstanding relationship with Love Medical, a provider and maintenance partner for the technology that allows us to offer a mobile trailer solution, helping reduce waiting lists and access to services in the community.

We provide mobile trailers that are built bespoke to your requirements, we have refined the layout to give both maximum storage and access to the technology and for the welfare of the staff, it’s a self contained facility with water and electricity, everything you need to be self sufficient in the community.

The partnership of trailer plus the logistics to place it where you need it and technology gives you the opportunity to take your services into the community with your specialist trained physiologists. We create logistics plans to suit you and the needs, weekly moves, monthly moves or just the flexibility of having a self contained unit on your hospital grounds? There is a flexible plan for every scenario.

We partner with industry leading Niox and offer their range of FeNO diagnosis and management products.

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