Do we buy or rent the trailer and equipment?
The most effective way to deliver the latest technology and high-quality environment is for Dunmar to be responsible for providing everything on a rental basis. Depending on the length of the contract, there will be a technology and trailer refresh to ensure your services represent the high-quality services you wish to deliver.

How many times will you move the unit for us?
We discuss how often you want to move the facility during initial discussions and the creation of your monthly cost. We will build in what you forecast though flexibility always remains, you may top up the volume or make ad hoc purchases to meet your changing requirements.

Who carries out the trailer moves?
We have an in-house service supplemented with external tried and trusted, vetted logistics professionals. Dunmar retains the responsibility for ensuring your facility is moved in agreement with your plan and set up ready to deliver services.

Who supplies the consumables?
With a fully managed service, Dunmar will provide your consumables, you update usage and we replenish.

What’s the delivery time to get one?
Delivery time varies on requirements, we have a selection going through the build process at any one time and these are being built to a standard two room construction. They are available for allocation and we confirm completion time based on how far along the build is. When a newly specified unit is bespoke built, the timescales are around six months from you placing your order.

Can we see one in operation?
Yes, please get in touch and we will share contact details of the nearest unit, we find once you have used one, you are happy to share the benefits with other health professionals.

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