Mobile diagnostic facility to assist a range of respiratory testing services in a safe, practical and convenient way.

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With increasing waiting times to diagnose respiratory issues, we have created a mobile solution that combined with leading providers of equipment, allows the flexibility to take services into the community. Creating greater opportunities to benefit from locally accessed services.

With the Dunmar mobile solution, your qualified physiologists reach into the community and support the reduction in diagnostic wait times.

Key services include, Full lung function option, CPET, FENO and Spirometry.

We provide an efficient service to assist Spirometry testing services in a safe, practical and convenient way, with the NEW Spiro and FENO Mobile facility. We have many years of experience delivering technology solutions into the NHS and the introduction of the mobile diagnostic facility is the latest solution to aid the resolution of many with respiratory issues

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Our Spiro and FENO Mobile diagnostic Service

supporting you in the community with a flexible and mobile diagnostic solution with leading technology partners

Providing a mobile diagnostic facility that increases capacity to accurately test spirometry and FENO. Trailer facilities are equipped with the latest Spirometry and Feno Testing systems as well as height and weight measuring devices, giving a one stop solution and a mobile base to deliver alternative mobile testing.

The service includes:

  • Supply of a technology equipped managed mobile test centre
  • Moving and setting up the mobile facility to multiple locations – just add NHS staff
  • Personalised test equipment with mobile connectivity -4G and 5G
  • Equipment maintenance and stock management
  • Mobile facility corporate artwork for your organisation’s identification

Having a mobile facility means taking the service into the community for however long you need. We provide the logistics of moving the trailer so it’s ready for your staff to operate. It’s cost efficient, only takes up a small footprint and with the logistics handled by Dunmar Health, you concentrate on the testing.

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Problems our clients were facing

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Reduced testing capacity due to increase in infection control measures and room disinfection times

Improving efficiency, the mobile hubs are fitted with powerful filtration systems that allow them to complete the recommended six room air changes in just six minutes. They include hot and cold running water for improved cleanliness.

Room limitations within existing health facilities

Each mobile hub has two concurrently used, fully equipped rooms with separate entrances to improve infection control and workflow.

Increased risk for vulnerable patients visiting health locations

Mobile hubs are moved to community locations by Dunmar specialist logistics teams. Reducing patient travel and increased risk of infections. With power connections, they are perfect for locations such as supermarket car parks, general practice surgeries, hospital grounds or sports centres.

Large backlog of patients coupled with new pandemic patients

Whether used as an addition to hospital based services or as the service itself, the mobile hub increases capacity and throughput in a safe and convenient manner.

Remote testing performed on standalone devices with no backup

Mobile hubs have 4 and 5g connectivity allowing for remote data transfer to the main hospital database and patient information system, reducing risk of data loss.

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Please call Dunmar Health on 0161 883 3693 to find out how other health organisations are using our mobile diagnostic hubs and driving down waiting lists and backlogs.

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